Welcome to DANinUK

The Dutch Academic Network in the UK (DANinUK) is an open network for Dutch nationals working in Higher Education and (academic) research institutions in the United Kingdom.

Our Network —

DANinUK is a social and professional network for Dutch nationals working in Higher Education and (academic) research institutions in the United Kingdom.

Our aims are to:

  1. establish a stronger cooperation between the Netherlands and the UK in the field of higher education and academic research through networking with (academic) organisations and governments in both countries;
  2. promote social and professional interactions between Dutch nationals within the UK through events and national gatherings, knowledge transfer and regional activities.

Mentoring Scheme —

Have you just moved to the UK, or are you planning to move to the UK? Would you like some help finding your feet and navigating the cultural differences?

We are setting up a mentoring scheme to link you with another Dutch colleague in your region or academic area. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Join Us —

Register to become a member of DANinUK. An annual membership fee of £10 will be used to further develop our network and to organise activities and events.

Find us on our LinkedIn page to receive updates from DANinUK.

Waarom in het Engels? —

If you are all Dutch, then why is this page in English? To broaden the reach of DANinUK, the communication language is English. However, you will certainly hear Dutch spoken at our events!

News: #DealForScience —

DANinUK has added its support to #DealForScience, and we are joined by other international researcher networks in the UK. This is a call for continuation of research collaborations between EU and UK after Brexit: science is stronger when working together!

Sign the petition today: openpetition.eu/dealforscience

Events & Activities

We organise (virtual) events to bring together Dutch academics in the UK.

Webinar: "Tackling COVID19 — Dutch Academics in the UK" —

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom, DANinUK was proud to host a webinar on "Tackling COVID19 — Dutch Academics in the UK" on July 17th 2020. Three UK-based Dutch academics who are actively engaged in tackling the COVID-19 outbreak, provided insight into their work and answered questions.

For those who could not attend the event, there is a video recording of the webinar.

  • Dr Jeroen Nieuwland
    Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science, University of South Wales
  • Prof. Marcel Levi
    CEO of University College London Hospitals
  • Nina van der Mark
    Research Analyst at Centre for Universal Health, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House
Pauline den Hartog Jager
Dutch filmmaker and journalist based in London

Professor Marcel Levi talks about how he experienced COVID-19 as the CEO of University College London Hospitals. During the coronavirus pandemic the Dutch physician was responsible for the coordination of hospital and ITU search for all the hospitals in the northern and central part of London, a challenging and uncertain task.

In the fight against COVID-19, Dr Jeroen Nieuwland has created a quick and cheap coronavirus test that can be done almost anywhere. The Dutch researcher and Senior Lecturer in Genetics developed the test together with colleague Dr Emma Hayhurst at the University of South Wales. The test uses a different method and chemicals to the current accredited tests, avoiding any supply bottlenecks for the components.

How have low- and middle-income countries responded to COVID-19, and what can the Europe learn from that? Nina van der Mark, Research Analyst at the Centre for Universal Health (Chatham House), talks about the resilience and innovation countries have shown and why it’s important that the pandemic’s data should be recorded differently.

Kick-Off Event —

In association with the Embassy of The Netherlands, the Dutch Academic Network in the UK (DANinUK) was officially launched in January 2020, attended by the Dutch Minister for Education, Culture & Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven; the Dutch Ambassador Simon Smits; and various Dutch and British stakeholders.

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Contact Us

DANinUK is run by Dutch volunteers for Dutch nationals working in Higher Education and (academic) research institutions in the United Kingdom.

Board Members

Role Name Contact
Chair Martijn Zwijnenburg [web]
Secretary Nathalie van Meurs [web]
Treasurer Ewoud Compeer [web]
Event & PR Lotte de Winde [web]
Event & PR Milou van Poppel [web]

Regional Representatives

In order to facilitate local meet-ups, and mentoring support, DANinUK has local chapters.

Region Name Contact
Greater London Martijn Zwijnenburg [web]
North England Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis [web]
Scotland Liesbeth Tip [web]
South-East England (excl. London) Ewoud Compeer [web]
South-West England Mark Schenk [web]
South Wales Niek Buurma [web]
The Netherlands Tamara Buijs [web]